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Every great journey begins with an all-important first step. Saga Elastomer Pvt. Ltd. took its first step in 2009 when the company ventured into manufacturing and supplying moulded and extruded rubber products. Mr. Milind Laddha, chairman and managing director, envisaged transforming Saga Elastomer into the preferred manufacturer and supplier of rubber product solutions in India.

{Customer centric approach, passion for innovation, superior quality product portfolio, assurance of on-time delivery at a competitive price and commitment to excellence form the bedrock of Saga Elastomers.}

It is in line with Saga's vision to supply a comprehensive rubber product portfolio comprising EPDM, Hypalon, Neoprene, NR, Nitrile and SBR to major industries, including appliance, automotive, railway, construction, shipping, garage door manufacturers and bus body fabrication. Under Mr. Laddha's strong leadership, Saga Elastomer is poised to pave the way for a brighter future. To succeed in this endeavour, we seek your continued patronage to take the company to the next level.

Mr. Milind Laddha

Director's Profile

Mr. Milind Laddha is the Founder and Director of Saga Elastomer Pvt. Ltd., formerly known as Saga Engineering Pvt. Ltd. He is a first generation entrepreneur armed with a Textile Engineering degree along with a certification in Rubber Technology part time course. He brings to the table an entrepreneurial zest with a passion for innovation and commitment to excellence to provide superior quality rubber extrusions to the world.

Under his astute leadership, the company manufactures a variety of rubber materials, including EPDM, Hypalon, Neoprene, NR, Nitrile and SBR. It is in line with Saga’s mission to supply superior quality product with an assurance of on-time delivery at a competitive price. The company achieved a stellar success in manufacturing metal insert extrusions even by deploying conventional extruders with minimal capital investment under him. In addition to this, the company successfully installed a microwave line for facilitating continuous extrusion, even with a small turnover of Rs. 3 Cr. and project’s capital cost of Rs. 1 Cr.

Mr. Milind considers his father as his role model. He looks up to his father for motivation since the latter regularly travels from Kandivli to Palghar even at the age of 74. When he is not spearheading his business, he indulges in a game of Carom or Table Tennis, reading books and listening to music to relax and rejuvenate. If he wasn’t a Textile Engineer, he would have been a professor of Maths or Physics.

The company’s journey was filled with many challenges. But the biggest challenge that he faced was relocating the company from Bhayander due to the high cost of rent, octroi and electricity to Palghar with the same team of workers and staff. But he managed it efficiently within a span of 1 year.

Rubber extrusion is a very complex process, which requires meticulous attention to detail when it comes to technical know-how, planning and coordination to accurately implement it. With more than a decade of proven industry experience under his belt, Mr. Laddha has honed his manufacturing expertise to a fine fettle shaping the rubber industry. Under his insightful and dynamic leadership, Saga Elastomers is poised for an exceptional growth.


To establish Saga Elastomer as India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber extrusions to diverse industries in India and the world.


To achieve Rs. 12 cr. turnover by 2020 through manufacturing and supplying a superior quality rubber extrusions product portfolio to our esteemed clients.


Passion for innovation, customer centric approach and commitment to excellence in manufacturing form the bedrock of Saga Elastomers.

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